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The Cause of the Month

Microfinance is a powerful self-help support tool that provides access to credit and saving services that are affordable, flexible and reliable enough to allow the very poor to reduce the day-to-day uncertainties of cash management, save money and borrow for vital needs and opportunities.
Since 1988, Freedom from Hunger has developed and promoted "value-added" or "integrated" microfinance programs that pair financial services with other important development services, such as education and health protection. We continue to innovate with self-managed savings groups that enable outreach to very rural areas and programs designed to help youth make the transition to adulthood and economic independence.

Financial services alone are not enough to help the very poor climb out of poverty. Freedom from Hunger's practical adult education programs engage women at their microfinance group meetings—to promote better health, nutrition, business and money management. Using dialogue, story, song, demonstrations and pictures, women with little or no schooling acquire knowledge and practical skills to build futures of health, hope and dignity.

About Massage For The Cause

How it Works:

Massage for the Cause provides on-site chair massage at local businesses, fairs, office parties, concerts, fundraisers, and other community events to help raise money for a number of different charities.  We also offer one hour and 90 minute massage gift certificates that have been donated to Massage for the Cause by local massage therapists.  We partner with a variety of local, national, and international non-profits, and we do extensive research before adding a non-profit to our list of charities in order to ensure that we represent the best and most reputable non-profits. If your favorite charity isn't on the list, feel free to contact us and let us know.  All donations made to Massage for the Cause are tax-deductable; we provide receipts for all donations made, whether paid by a business or individual.

There are two payment options available:

  1. Each massage can be paid for seperately by each individual (typically $15 for 15 minutes).  
  2. Payment can be made on an hourly basis ($60 per hour/per therapist).

All donations are tax deductable!

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